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Simon Cowell awarded the Silver Heart at Variety Club Showbusiness Awards

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman attended the Variety Club Showbusiness Awards in London where Simon was presented with a special award for 'Exceptional Generosity in Philanthropy'.

The event was hosted by Amanda Holden with Simon's award presented by his fiancée Lauren Silverman who struggled to hold back tears as she spoke about Simon, saying: "Simon has been teaching our son Eric the value and the importance of helping others - now I'm going to cry.

"It means so much to me as a mom for our son to have a father, and my elder son Adam to have a stepfather who is such an amazing role model in so many ways,"

Simon responded saying "Fatherhood changed my life. I mean, I adore him." adding

"He just is genuinely so kind," he continued. "Some people are and some people aren't. But that's just him, he is kind."

The pair were all smiles as the left the venue that night before heading home.


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