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Simon Cowell at home in a Cotswold village

Photo credit Tickittyshake

Simon Cowell visited a small business in the Cotswolds this week with Lauren and Eric.

Simon was happy to stand and chat with staff and customers at the shop while Eric chose a milkshake, he posed for selfies with the staff of Tickittyshake in the village.

Simon has reportedly bought a house close to the village so could be a regular at the shop. Eric chose the vanilla and marshmallow shake which was offered for free, but Simon insisted he paid for it thanking them for the kind offer.. "He was super polite, super patient and super lovely," said Katie Henderson, who was working in the shop at the time."He is pretty intimidating on his shows but he wasn't like that at all. Although he could have had the milkshake for free he insisted on paying, which was really appreciated. I think he understood we are a small business and wanted to support us."

"Simon asked a lot of questions about the business and seemed really interested in our smoothies" said Katie. "Eric was really polite and ordered everything himself. But he was also like any other little boy and really interested in the sweets, the chocolate and the shakes."

Julia Cook, owner of Tickittyshake and neighbouring children’s boutique Tickittyboo, was really impressed with the way Simon, who has a reputation for being a harsh critic, seemed very supportive of local businesses.


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