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Simon Cowell and the Britain's Got Talent judges promo photos

Simon Cowell and the Britain's Got Talent judges glam up for a new photoshoot at the London Palladium.

Britain’s Got More Talent is back on ITV2 screens for the 12th year, for another UNBELIEVABLE series.

This spring sees the return of the nation’s favourite variety talent show, celebrating 12 years on our screens. And with no shortage of variety or talent, the judging panel have been surprised, charmed and moved to tears by a whole host of acts whilst looking for 2018’s winning performance.

Alesha Dixon in the Britain's Got Talent photo shoot 2018
Alesha Dixon looking the ultimate Lady in Red

How did David react to his NTA win and did he rub it in Simon’s face? David has brought along his NTA to a couple of auditions and popped it on the table. Whenever Simon does or says something that irritates David, he picks up his award, puts it on the table and says, ‘Well I am the nation’s favourite judge, darling’. Simon hates that with a passion. We’re all chuffed for him, it’s great for the show, it’s great for him. His ego is really happy!

David Walliams in the Britain's Got Talent photo shoot 2018
David Walliams looking his usual smart sophisticated self

What can you reveal about your golden buzzer?

I love my golden buzzer this year. He’s this brilliant singer, he’s got the most incredible, catchy song. I beat Simon to the golden buzzer, he really wanted him so he was really angry and super competitive, but I got there first. He was a real highlight for me.

Amanda Holden at the Britain's Got Talent photoshoot at the London Palladium 2018
Amanda Holden holds a pose at the London Palladium

What can you reveal about your golden buzzer?

I pressed it on the first day in Blackpool and that’s not something I would have predicted. I thought I would have played a longer game. I thought I’d be paranoid that I would miss out on so much. more. But you have to go with the feeling in your tummy and I got that feeling. I had to press my golden buzzer. It was right in the moment; the man did an amazing rendition of his song. For me he was in absolutely the right time, the right moment, the right person. I can’t wait to see what he does in the live shows.

Simon Cowell at the Britain's Got Talent photoshoot at the London Palladium 2018
Simon Cowell looking totally dashing for the photoshoot

The contestants are all looking for success, something you’ve had plenty of, but has the success you’ve achieved lived up to your expectation? It has actually because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I was a kid. I wasn’t very good at school, I wasn’t crazy about rules. Ironically, I was turned down by the company who are my partners now, FremantleMedia. I applied to be in the mail room with them and they turned me down flat! The same in the film business, I was going to be a runner on Stanley Kubrick’s film, but no, he doesn’t employ runners. So I ended up in the music business and now I have a TV and Music company.

The great thing about it is, and this is true, I said it the other day when we were in a screening and I pinched myself. I went, ‘I’m sitting in a screening room with people I like working with, watching something we’ve made’. You can’t take that for granted. It’s a fantastic job and you don’t have to have a horrible boss! I always had the fear that I would have the most boring boss in the world who would play golf and I would have to go round to his house with his wife and talk about golf over dinner. I promised myself that would never happen, and it hasn’t. Oh, actually it did happen once and I walked out after 20 minutes because I couldn’t put up with it! So, yeah, everyone wants to be more successful but not to the point where you start believing your own hype. You don’t want to over stretch yourself. If you can make something which is popular and people like, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Stephen Mulhern in the Britain's Got Talent photo shoot 2018
Stephen Mulhern looking like a dashing James Bond

Has Simon been playing any games?

We did a game of ‘Is it a true fact or fake news?’ with Simon and David. It was things like, is it a true fact or fake news that Simon once drew a moustache on his face when he was younger just so that he appeared old enough to get in to see the film the Exorcist?

It was true! The funny thing was Simon didn’t know how we’d found out all this information about him. We also found out that he’s never had a Twix! I mean, come on! How crazy, it’s bizarre that he’s never had one. I think this is what More Talent does so well, we don’t do the same things with the judges. If you bore Simon you won’t get anything!

Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday 14th April, 8pm on ITV.


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