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Simon Cowell and Fox In Talks Regarding New US Television Shows.

Simon Cowell has been talking to FOX regarding new television shows in the US.

At the Television Critics Association press tour this week, Fox chairman Gary Newman revealed that he and Dana Walden met Simon late last year to talk about "a performance-oriented show as well as other types of shows".

"What we are exploring is an overall deal where he would become an internal production pod on the reality side,” Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden said.

Taking the stage Newman said “We have a tremendous amount of respect for him, being able to find stars, being a tremendous talent magnet,”

Walden added, “He is a person that epitomizes showmanship. He has a spectacular eye for talent unlike anyone else; he is a star-maker.”

Simon Cowell raised speculation about an X Factor return at Mipcom last fall when he said during a Q&A that Fox “gave up too early,” that “X Factor is the best music format in the world” and that “I haven’t given up on X Factor America yet.”


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