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Is Simon Cowell Heading To America's Got Talent?

Reports today suggest Simon Cowell could join America's Got Talent as a judge. Howard Stern announced he is leaving the show, will Simon take his seat?

If he does, then it would mean flying between the UK and America if he stays on Britain's Got Talent as expected.

The Sun reports "Simon has always wanted to do AGT,” but states that because it airs on NBC, and he formerly had a deal with FOX, “his hands were tied."

However, a US TV source remarked, “With his comeback on British screens, he also wants to make his way back into America.“He feels this is his show and one of the biggest NBC has to offer.”

We can't see Simon doing two UK shows and AGT. Which one will he choose?

America's Got Talent aired their finale in the U.S. last night with Paul Zerdin a ventriloquist winning the show. You can watch his finale performance below.


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