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How Simon Cowell spends Christmas Day according to his brother.

Simon Cowell is currently in Barbados with Lauren and Eric, now his half brother Tony has revealed how he spends Christmas Day.

Tony says in his column in Best magazine, before Eric came along, Simon would get up at 2pm, have a breakfast of spinach smoothie, toast and honey, and tea. 3pm would be time to jet-ski for hour. 4pm, sunbathe then nap.

They have Christmas dinner at 9.30pm, always chicken, never turkey. Simon doesn't; like turkey. 'If you spend Christmas with him, be prepared to fit into his schedule.'

Revealing that their mother used to have to 'drag' him out of bed on the big day, he added of Simon's strict itinerary: 'I don't blame him: Simon's schedule is close to crazy.'

Tony also revealed Simon takes a private jet to Barbados so his pet Yorkshire terriers can join him and not go into kennels.

He said: “Yes, Squiddly and Diddly travel with him on his jet.”

Hopefully Simon will be up in time this year to watch Eric open his presents.


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