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Has Sharon Osbourne Enlisted The Help Of Robbie Williams For Her Judges House?

Sharon Osbourne with Robbie Williams

Reportedly Sharon Osbourne has asked Robbie Williams to help her choose her final 6 overs at her X Factor's judges house this year.

According to an exclusive from Dan Wootton for The Sun, bringing Robbie Williams back to the X Factor was a genius move by Simon Cowell. We wholeheartedly agree with this. Robbie is always fun, joining Sharon will bring plenty of humour to the show.

Robbie helped Sharon choose from the Overs in 2013 when Sam Bailey went on to win the show.

Robbie will join Sharon at her mansion in LA in the coming weeks to help her choose her final three Overs to take through to the X Factor live shows.

A source told the newspaper: “Getting Robbie back on the show is a really clever move on the part of Sharon and the producers.“He has a huge fanbase and will attract loads of extra viewers purely from his name."

“It’s that sort of star quality they need to compete with Strictly.

“Robbie and Sharon are old mates and used to be neighbours in Los Angeles so their chemistry is amazing.

“Every time Robbie appears on the X Factor he proves great entertainment value.

“As they never managed to get him to be a full-time judge, this is the next best result.”

Who will Simon Cowell choose to help him. Will Sinitta be back or as rumours suggest, will Cheryl be joining him,


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