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Do We Have Sinitta To Thank For Squiddly & Diddly's Cameo In The New X Factor Promo?

Squiddly & Diddly had their own spot in this year's X Factor promo, did the inspiration actually came from a gift Sinitta gave him for Christmas several years ago?

Sinitta bought Simon a similar video featuring Squiddly and Diddly singing and talking in 2013.

It came from online firm Superstar Pets, which specialises in giving pets a digital voice on specially made movies, which cost from £150.

Sinitta came up with a script and sent in pictures of the two Yorkshire terriers – and Cowell enjoyed it so much he exclaimed: “Love love love LOVED it!”

In the video Squiddly and Diddly say “Hello darling daddy Simon, thank you for making us part of your crazy dysfunctional family. Our daddy is so macho!”

The pups then go on to sing “we wish you a merry Christ-gruff”.

A spokeswoman for Superstar Pets told The Sun: “We take it as a huge compliment that Simon has remembered what we did and it obviously inspired him for his new X Factor promotional commercial.

“Squiddly and Diddly are completely gorgeous and have great voices."


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