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Britain's Got Talent live shows could return without an audience.

Britain's Got Talent bosses are preparing to film the semi-final shows without an audience but with big changes to the format.

As it stands at the moment, the shows would go ahead with only a small crew. If things change, we could see a small audience social distancing.

An insider told The Sun newspaper 'They know they can keep production values sky high and that while the audience have some role to play, most of the reaction comes from the judges.'

'The plan is to make the show bigger and more daring than usual, distracting from the lack of the audience and making sure the judges are on the edge of their seats.'.

Simon Cowell has previously said he wouldn't want to do the live shows without an audience but with social distancing still in place he may have to go with it.

Do you think it would work without an audience? Should we make the best of the situation we are in this year?

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a year ago

Hi my name is Samantha how are you

Donna Smith-Bush, Hope Mills NC/USA

a year ago

I say have a full audience and just make them all comply with appropriate approved PPE As a precautionary measure because sometimes the judges may tend to weed out a contestant who genuinely needs their big break and the audience/fan base keeps them encouraged to step up their game and put forth their best performance thus proving their potential to progress. Confidence for many is fed into their soul by the appraisal and applause of a full audience. It may mean hiring security to specifically address PPE and provide sanitizing methods and to ensure audience compliance; however, in the long run it may be worth it for everyone so it would minimize deviation from standard operating procedures on set for the judges as well. Hope this helps and I totally LOVE 💕 SIMON COWELL! A legendary genius. All the judges rock! ( I totally miss Louis Tomlinson as a judge though 😢)
Best wishes to all of you and the contestants this year!!

Liz Whitmore

a year ago

Erm but how will the dance acts or choirs perform together???


a year ago

Keep Terry as host on AGT, he has been the best ❣️ 👍🏼👌🏼☝🏼

April Victoria Durnin

a year ago

No it wont be the same.i went to 4 pf the live Judges auditions in February and the Audience are needed for applause and atmosphere ect imagine one of the acts gives a Show stopping performance and there is no one to give them a standing ovation it would be very sad social distancing is wrecking far too mucj now.😕


a year ago

This will be very interesting to who will win the show break a leg


a year ago

No you need to have an audience even if it’s a limited number. For those on stage they would get their buzz from an audience, without doesn’t help them do their best performance. The audience give the contestants encouragement etc. My advice. Limited number, sit apart for social distancing if needs to etc. Or If that’s not possible film it this time With just their family and friends or if again that’s not possible then just use pre recorded audiences from Other shows. But I just feel those on stage will not get the full buzz from the show, the same as if there was an audience. Bx