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Another Judge From The Past Returns To X Factor

Just when you thought all the golden oldies had returned, along comes another.

The former spice girl Mel B former Spice Girl is back as Nicole Sherzinger has other commitments on the first day of the London auditions.

Simon Cowell has been working with Mel on America's Got Talent, with live shows not due to start until next month, Mel was free to stand in for Nicole.

An X Factor source revealed to Dan Wootton of The Sun, “Mel’s coming in as a guest judge to cover Nicole because she isn’t able to make the first day of filming.

“This is a diary clash that Nicole had booked in before she agreed to do X Factor and couldn’t change.

“Mel has been working with Simon as a judge on America’s Got Talent so was available to cover.

“He also knows she’ll come in and take no prisoners so is the perfect temporary replacement for the day.”


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