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If it all starts going your way, you’ll become totally deluded. I got to that point 20 years ago. I was having a lot of success with bands, and then I dropped at least a million on a complete turkey, I honestly thought my boss was going to fire me. But he said, “This is the most important thing that’s ever going to happen in your life.” I’ve never forgotten that.

I never take wealth for granted because I lost everything when I was younger. So I know what it’s like to have something and then lose it.


I’m a great believer, if someone tells you something works, just do it. Don’t think too much about it. I’ve had Botox, I’ve had a bit of filler. I’ve had lasers and stuff like that.

If you’re going to cut one thing out of your life, cut out stress – it’s the cause of cancer, heart attacks, diseases. If you’re stressed, you’re going to get ill.

The American dream really does exist and I like it. It’s optimistic. That’s one thing we could learn from America — not to be jealous of success. And also, to be proud of your country. We do give our country a bit of a kicking occasionally, but I’m always proud to be British, just like Americans are proud to be American.

It’s always the stupid people who tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. I always say, why are you in a position to tell me? Everyone’s different.

I’m an optimist so I believe that something good will happen after you die. Most people I’ve met who have faith and belief are happier than the ones who don’t.

The greatest challenge with relationships is boredom. Monotony is a killer. I’ve been there. You just go, “You know what? This is like Groundhog Day. I’m not having a great time and I don’t think she is either.” And when it’s over, don’t let it drag on. If you ever get that feeling when you’re driving home, “I might just circle the block before I go in”, it’s over.

The key is to hire people you think will eventually be more successful than you.

You can be cool as you get older as long as you’re, A) successful, and B) you can relate to younger people without acting like an idiot. But don’t dye your hair.

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