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  • Simon Cowell watches over Eric as he tries water skiing for the first time.

    Simon Cowell is on vacation with Lauren and Eric in Barbados. Simon watches over Eric as he tries water skiing for the first time. Well done Eric, its not easy! Lauren Silverman watches them both from a boat. Eric looks so grown up now. Take a look of photos of Eric through the years

  • Simon Cowell takes his family on a summer break to Barbados

    Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman and their son Eric arrived in Barbados for a vacation prior to the America's Got Talent live shows starting in a couple of weeks. They were joined of course by Squiddly, Diddly, Freddie and Daisy. Looks like Eric wants to go snorkelling Simon Simon took Eric on a jet-ski ride in the Caribbean, Lauren joined in the fun too. All the photos....

  • Simon Cowell shows off a sparkly brand new Porsche

    It is no secret Simon Cowell loves his cars. Having previously owned top of the range Aston Martin, a Bugatti and Rolls Royce to name a few. Now Simon has bought a bright red £250,000 electric Porsche sports car.. The Mirror reports: The classic Porsche 911 was converted to electric by bespoke car company Everrati, who promise battery power will get it going from 0-60mph in around four seconds. Being electric, the Porsche could be a sports car but without a roar. Everatti have overcome this by adding a noise synthesiser, which GQ have said will "add some drama" to the performance of the car. Showing his brand new acquisition off to long term friend Sinitta before going for a spin, he was obviously proud of his new car. Simon has spent a far bit of time in the UK this year, he will be judging and overseeing his new show 'Walk the Line.

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  • Simon Cowell | Syco Entertainment

    Bringing you the latest news on Simon Cowell and his company Syco Entertainment SIMON COWELL JUST ABOUT SIMON COWELL An in-depth comprehensive biography on Simon Cowell from his early years, through his first steps into the music industry and television leading to the global phenomenon of X Factor and Britain's Got Talent. ​ Where are Simon's homes? Who has he dated? When did Simon's partner Lauren Silverman give birth to their son Eric? You can find the answers to these and more in our FAQs section. Biography SYCO ENTERTAINMENT Syco Entertainment is one of the world’s leading music, television and film production companies, responsible for some of the most successful global entertainment formats. ​ Syco television assets include Got Talent, The X Factor, Red or Black and The Greatest Dancer. ​ Syco music have discovered talent including One Direction, Leona Lewis, Little Mix, James Arthur, Susan Boyle and Il Divo. SYCO ENTERTAINMENT ERIC COWELL Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman's son Eric Philip Cowell was born in New York City, USA on 14th February 2014. ​ We have a collection of photos of Eric from the day of his birth through to the present time. ERIC COWELL SIMON'S DOGS Simon Cowell has four dogs. Three Yorkshire Terriers called Squiddly, Diddly and Freddie. ​ Simon also adopted a crossbreed called Daisy from a dog rescue in Barbados. ​ Take a look at the wonderful gallery of photos we have of Simon's dogs. SIMON'S DOGS CONTACT US For enquiries please contact us using the email address below: ​ Please note: We cannot accept or listen to demos or video submissions. OUR SOCIAL NETWORKS Just Simon Cowell Instagram Just Simon Cowell Facebook Just Simon Cowell Twitter LATEST NEWS Keeping you up-to-date with the latest news as it happens. On our NEWS PAGE you will find recent photos, interviews and news on Simon's television shows, including audience ticket releases. Simon Cowell announces a new TV show called 'Walk The Line'. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman enjoy a day at Ascot races Simon Cowell to take part in a charity walk to raise funds for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices Simon Cowell gives his Golden Buzzer to the inspirational singer Nightbirde Simon Cowell to launch Las Vegas residency for AGT stars Simon Cowell has a family day out at Epsom races for Derby Day FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Does Simon Cowell have a website? provides you with all the information you need on Simon and his company Syco Entertainment. At present Simon doesn't have a personal website. ​ You can also follow Simon on his official Twitter , Facebook and Instagram accounts Is Simon Cowell married? Simon Cowell is not married but lives with his partner Lauren Silverman who is the mother of their son Eric How many children does Simon Cowell have? Simon Cowell has one son Eric Cowell with his partner Lauren Silverman. Photos of Eric growing up can be viewed on Eric Cowell’s personal page. How old is Simon Cowell? Simon is 61 and was born on 7th October 1959 What is Simon Cowell’s record label and who is signed to it? Simon’s record label is Syco Music. Artists currently signed to Syco Music include One Direction, Little Mix, James Arthur, Ella Henderson, Camila Cabello, Labrinth, Il Divo and Fifth Harmony. The full list of artists and a bio can be found on our Syco Music page Where does Simon Cowell live? Simon has houses in London, Malibu and an apartment in New York. ​ Does Simon Cowell have dogs? Simon has two Yorkshire Terrier dogs named Squiddly and Diddly . Simon also adopted his mums dog Freddie and a dog from a dog sanctuary in Barbados named Daisy. See the photos of Simon Cowell's dogs on their dedicated page. ​ What is Simon Cowell's net worth? Simon Cowell earnings show a net figure around $43.5 million on Forbes ​ DISCLAIMER Our aim is to be a one stop website bringing you all the latest news, photos and interviews. You will find factual information about Simon, his shows and company Syco Entertainment. This website is independently run with no official connection to Simon Cowell or Syco Entertainment. All views and opinions are entirely of the Just Simon Cowell team.

  • Post | Just Simon CowellSimon Cowell News

    All Posts Simon Cowell News Syco News Simon Cowell Interviews X Factor News BGT News Search We Couldn’t Find This Page Check out some of the other great posts in this blog. See More Posts Leave a Comment Comments Post Comment Comment posted successfully. Name Date Information Simon Cowell has a family day out at Epsom races for Derby Day Simon Cowell on the Kelly Clarkson Show Simon Cowell pulls out of judging X Factor Israel

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