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Simon Cowell Takes His Son Eric To Work on AGT

Eric took a seat with dad on America's Got Talent last night, already following in his father's footsteps,

Wearing some protective ear defenders, Eric looked delighted to be handed the power to his the rejection buzzer on the show.

Showing early promise with his buzzer pushing skills, Simon was left sounding like he was ready to throw his toys out the pram as he asked his son if he was trying to steal his job.

Sitting on Simon's lap in a pair of headphones, which were far bigger than his head,

Eric could not resist but act as judge for the day - slamming his hand down on the buzzer, making the audience jump with the loud noise.

Proving he was every inch the doting dad however, Simon merely laughed in response, and jokingly questioned why the act had not met Eric's standards.

Later relaxing with further treats backstage, the little boy proved to be quite the mini-me of his father, sporting a crisp white shirt and slicked brown hair.

Not only looking like Simon however, it seems he is also taking after him in terms of career - as he sweetly expressed his excitement about being a judge.

When asked who he would want to spend time on a desert island with, he was quick to point to Simon, and explained: 'Because then I get to press the scary buzzer all day!'

More photos of little Eric Cowell growing up

Simon Cowell sat down with Extra TV's Terri Seymour to talk about America's Got Talent which premiered last night.

Simon’s 3-year-old son Eric spends time at the show watching dad at work.

Simon said Eric is a good judge. “He is a brilliant judge... I watch him, and when he likes an act he’s normally right, and when an act’s a bit boring and he loses interest, he’s normally right… he loves pushing the buzzers. He’s got a real sense of it and he likes coming down.”

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