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Simon Cowell donates £25k to save dogs destined for human consumption.

Simon Cowell has donated £25,000 to an animal protection charity to help close a dog meat farm in South Korea. According the charity this will save over 200 dogs lives.

Humane Society International addresses animal issues that cross many borders and impact millions of animals worldwide.

Simon's contribution to Humane Society International (HSI) means more than 200 dogs and puppies bred for human consumption will now be saved according to the charities Twitter account.

Simon has long been a supporter of the charity, backing its #EndDogMeat campaign and telling Good Morning Britain last year that eating dog was "like eating your friend".

In 2016, he supported a campaign to ban a dog meat festival in Yulin, China, describing it as "sickeningly cruel".

Simon has three Yorkshire Terriers of his own and supports many dog charities.

Simon Cowell with his Yorkshire Terriers Squiddly, Diddly and Freddy

Well done Simon, we are very proud of you!

The charity has, to date, permanently shut down 12 dog meat farms, saving nearly 1,400 dogs.

To find out more about this charity - go to http://www.hsi.org

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