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Has Simon Cowell Found a New Boyband in 'Pretty Much'?

Has Simon Cowell found himself a new boyband? A band who call themselves 'Pretty Much' were spotted with Simon at his Beverly Hills home.

The lucky boys even got to drive Simon's Ford Bronco jeep - amazingly with Simon as a passenger!

TMZ report they have found a trademark application from Simon's company filed in January for "Pretty Much." According to the documents, the name would be used in connection with musical recordings, videos, ringtones and merchandise.

Their names are Brandon Arreaga, Nick Mara, Zion Kuwonu, Austin Porter and Edwin Honoret -- and based on videos they've posted on Instagram, it appears they can not only sing, but dance as well.

Could 'Pretty Much' fill the void left by One Direction? This could get interesting, we will keep you posted.

No official confirmation has been received from Syco at this time.

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