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Britain's Got Talent filming postponed due to lockdown

Filming was scheduled to start on Britain's Got Talent on 17th January at the London Coliseum. However, due to the country now in lockdown the show has been postponed indefinitely.

Simon Cowell who is currently on holiday in Barbados had planned to return for the new series which would have been is first television appearance since his back injury.

Producers accepted it was no longer feasible for people to leave home for the audition stage, the making of which involves hundreds of people.

A spokesperson for BGT said: "The filming for the 15th series of Britain's Got Talent has been postponed from its proposed record dates in late January.

"With the announcement of the latest Government health guidelines and with our priority of safeguarding the well-being of everyone involved in our programmes we, together with the production teams at Thames and Syco, have taken the decision to move the record and broadcast of the forthcoming series.. We will confirm revised dates in due course."

Hopefully they can begin filming later in the year with the show screening in the Autumn television schedule.

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Sharon Bowskill


Will be sorely missed but also something to look forward to after Lockdown plus more time for Simon to heal ...Win Win situation Thinking positive ....

David Williams


Simon Cowell David Williams Dec www. Justsi Simon Cowell com America Holden

Anne Corrigan


That would be good to hear

Renee Puthu


Wise decision.

Sylvia Somerville


Sad news, but as always, Simon does the right thing. Unfortunately, the world is a bit out of sync these days and life is a bit challenging but everything will work out and we will be back to normal soon. This too shall pass and soon it will just be a bad dream. Smile, show kindness and compassion for everyone and look forward to everything right and happy and productive very soon. These days have been stressful and difficult and downright challenging, but the good part of all this, when everything gets back to normal, soon, we will all appreciate the little things we took for granted, like hugging a friend, or loved one! Happy times together enjoying the fun and varied activities. Friendships and relationships and just smiling at a stranger on the street and seeing their smile returned and not blocked by a mask. Hang in there! Everything will be just fine! The sun is making it's way through the clouds and soon it will brighten the world and all our lives. Hugs and smiles!







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