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X Factor Review Six Chair Challenge - Day One. The Going Gets Tough For Cheryl

Deep breaths everyone. If you thought the room and arena auditions were intense, you've seen nothing yet. 12 acts just 6 chairs. Ladies and's time to face bootcamp.

So who has which group? Well, Simon has his overs, Louis gets the groups, Mel B gets her boys and first up to choose her final six is Cheryl and the girls. No pressure, Lola Saunders is going first. Here we go.

The nerves were apparent from Lola. Her performance was OK but after the room and arena auditions, I know she can do much, much better. Mel B, Louis and Cheryl agreed but Simon wondered if she could handle the live shows. Of course she can. Anyway that aside Cheryl gave Lola the first we have the very long wait. Good luck Lola.

Next up, Chloe Jasmine. She has also sounded much better but her stage presence and all round package helped her picked up the second chair.

Shanay Holmes and Stephanie Nala also sounded nervous and shaky. The pressure of the 6,000 watching audience is making these usual brilliant singers sound average. That aside, two more chairs were taken.

Great and distinctive look for Orla Keogh but again vocally it's not great and without being rude, where has she come from? I can't remember seeing any of her previous auditions. She takes another chair.

With just one chair remaining, Monica Michael gave us the best vocal of the night with her cover of Olly Murs. Right, now I'm dumbstruck. Cheryl sent her home. Wow, for me that's a huge shock. As a talent scout that is a bad decision. If I were judging Monica, you would be on your way to judges houses.

The decision really got the crowd going and the booing started in a crusendo. The audience were rattled and so was Cheryl.

Kayleigh Manners followed but didn't impress. This was her worst vocal to date. Cheryl decides to send her home.

If 15 year old Emily Middlemas gets a seat, it's irreversible, lament terms, she is at judges houses. Guaranteed. It was a great audition, full of energy and performed with a huge smile on her face, showing she loved every minute. Emily take a seat on the stage and a seat on the plane. Well done.

With all 6 chairs taken Chloe O'Gorman knew she had to smash it. After a torturous few minutes Chloe swapped chairs with...Chloe Jasmine. What! Cheryl are you crazy. I'm dumbstruck. I can't believe it. Even Simon asked Cheryl to "Change her mind"

Just when Cheryl thought it couldn't get any worse, along comes Essex wonder Lauren Platt. Her fantastic version of 'Man in the Mirror' has really put the cat amongst the pigeons. Chloe O'Gorman had only been in her seat for minutes but it's now gone to Lauren. I'm exhausted.

North East shoe shop sensation Kerrianne Covell had to sing or bust. Simple as that. Even at "80%" capacity, as Simon put it, this was an easy decision. Kerrianne has been vocally amazing since her room audition. Chair, chair, chair. Blimey this is even getting to me. With no chairs left, Cheryl decided to swap Kerrianne with Shanay. This only prompted the crowd to go nuts. They were booing, putting the thumbs down it was like a fight at the roman colosseum.

So that's it all the chairs are....oh hold on, Cheryl is talking to Simon and saying she has made a mistake. She wants to bring back Chloe Jasmine to add versatility to her line up. Right, I need a drink.

That means one thing, one act who thought they were on their way to judges houses will now lose their seat, deep in to extra time. The act that Cheryl has decided to send home is.....Orla.

Phew, that's it. Finished. The six girls heading to judges houses are: Team Midas' Lola, Kerrianne, Lauren, Emily, Stephanie and Chloe Jasmine.

Right, I'm off for a lie down...see you tomorrow

Review by Dean Maynard - Midas Talent


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