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With Simon Cowell's help Kian Musgrove jets off to America for life-saving treatment.

Simon Cowell

Kian Musgrove has jetted off to America for pioneering life-saving treatment - paid for by you.

The three-year-old left for New York on Monday morning with mum Kat thanks the public for raising more than £730,000.

Simon Cowell has donated £25,000 to help send a little boy fighting cancer to America for life-saving treatment.

The X Factor boss donated the money and paid for the flight to a specialist American clinic for critically ill Kian Musgrove, three, whose family has raised £730,000 for his treatment.

Simon told Kian’s mum Kat about the donation during a surprise phone call as she sat at her son’s bedside in the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle.

She said: “His generosity is absolutely amazing, it is so heartwarming.

“We will be forever grateful for his help and his part in our life-saving journey.

"I would like to thank everyone who has been a pat of helping in any way at all, it really does mean the world to us. That kindness has kept us going and now we are finally on the way.”

A source close to Simon said: “He was incredibly touched when he read of Kian’s story and delighted to help.”

She particularly thanked music mogul Simon Cowell who handed over £25,000 because he was so moved by the Prudhoe youngster's plight.

Kian is flying to a medical centre in New York City where he will have relapse treatment as he fights childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

Speaking before the family set off 28-year-old Kat said Simon Cowell's generosity had been absolutely amazing.

Me, Kian and our family will be forever grateful to Simon Cowell for his help and for his part in Kian's life-saving journey. I would like everyone else too who has been a part of helping in anyway at all."


Kat also urged people to continue to support Kian via his website.


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