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Will Simon Return To America On The Fox Network?

Fox have confirmed that it is currently working on a new unscripted program which would bring Simon Cowell back to American television.

“We are actually developing something with him,” network co-Chairman and CEO Gary Newman tells

Simon, spent nine seasons on Fox as a judge on AMERICAN IDOL and three more as a judge and executive producer on THE X FACTOR.

“We continue to have conversations with Simon,” Newman says.

“The thing about Simon is that he isn’t interested in just a deal with a particular network or studio. He is interested in shows. We have talked to Simon about some shows… So it is possible that we will end up back in business with Simon.”

Meanwhile, Fox is in the very early stages of planning its sendoff for the show that made Simon into an international star.

American Idol will conclude its 15 year run in early 2106.

"The producers definitely view this as a ‘farewell season,’” Fox co-Chairman and CEO Dana Walden told reporters at a press event in Los Angeles yesterday.

“We have talked about how we are going to celebrate the show, special guest appearances and things that will happen throughout the season that will remind everyone of the great history of this show — not just for our network, but also for television.”

The producers feel very committed to finding the 15th American Idol and not letting the search for that idol be lost in the celebratory elements of the show.

They are planning some really great things. I am sure you can guess some of what we are trying to accomplish.”

No word yet if Simon might return for a cameo.

“I am sure there are conversations going on,” he says. “But it is still early and nothing has been worked out at this point.”


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