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Who Shot Simon Cowell? The Suspects Revealed!

Saturday nights are about to feel strange. We're used to watching Simon Cowell judging a talent show, but now we will see him as a murder victim in a murder mystery drama.

Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway is about to play host to Who Shot Simon Cowell?, an ongoing skit that will decipher just who has the motive to shoot the music mogul.

It all happens at Simon's Birthday party where a strange group of friends arrive at Simon's house to celebrate his birthday.

The guests start blaming each other

In scenes reminiscent of 'who shot JR', we see Simon shot at the top of the stairs. 'Who Shot Simon Cowell' will play out over the coming weeks on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

Sinitta and guests look on in horror as Simon lands at the bottom of the stairs

Something dodgy looking about Ant & Dec

Prior to the deadly dead as Simon Cowell arrives to greet his guests

A bit of spice thrown into the mix!

Could it be Louis after being thrown off X Factor last year?

Watch the official trailer

Saturday Night Takeaway with 'Who Shot Simon Cowell' starts this Saturday on ITV


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