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Two New Groups Are Formed At Boot Camp. We have The Details...

On tonight's boot camp episode of X Factor, two brand new bands were unveiled made up singers who'd originally auditioned as solo artists - a 5 piece girl group and an 8 piece boy band. All initially auditioning as soloists they were sent home at boot camp challenge one. The judges threw them a life line after realising there could be a place for them in the competition.

The judges brought the boys back and said ‘we think that amongst this group of 8 there could be something interesting to work with’. They considered making the band smaller, but after watching them rehearse as an eight piece in the workshop

Simon told them, ‘When we saw you as 8 people this is no word of a lie everyone single one of us said, none of this band can leave. This is something different. It’s nice to do something different’.

The new group is made up of:

JAMES GRAHAM- 17 year old music studio volunteer from Essex.

REECE BIBBY – 15 year old student from Lancashire.

TOM MANN- 20 year old musician and football coach from Southampton.

CASEY JOHNSON – 19 year old sales assistant from London.

JAKE SIMS – 19 year old student from Bristol.

CHARLIE JONES – 14 year old student from Kent,

BARCLAY BEALES – 18 year old tyre fitter from Devon.

CHRIS LEONARD – 18 year old barman from Ireland.

The judges also put together a 5 piece girl group. The judges felt all the girls were too talented to let go and wanted to give them another opportunity.

ABI GARRIDO- 16 year old student from Newcastle.

ABBY EADES- 17 years old from Barnsley.

LEAH GOODEN- 16 year old student from Hockley.

MIMI O’CONNELL- 17 year old student and sales assistant from Liverpool.

SAFFRON SILVA – 16 year old student from Surrey.

Will Louis give them a seat? Find out tonight at 8pm.


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