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Thrills and Spills of X Factor 80's Night, including 'Kermit'!

The first live show of Number 1's (and some number 2's) is gone, dead, done and dusted, this week 'I heard a rumour' it's an 80's theme, so who you gonna vote for?

Last week we lost Overload Generation and Blonde Electra as sixteen became fourteen.

There is no time to 'relax' as Dermot's another double elimination. Oh, I don't think my nerves can take this.

So before 'another one (two) bites the dust' lets get cracking.

Jack Walton wasn't even born when this weeks theme, (I love the 80's) was around. Thankfully he is cool kid with a likeable voice and personality. Where was the guitar though? Just for show. Anyway, Louis said, "brilliant start" and Simon said he will, "get better and better."

Sing off survivor Stephanie Nala needed a big performance but, sadly she fell short. Vocally, it wasn't strong and she looked tense. Mel B said she got, "bored" and Simon thought she was half asleep. Simon calling Cheryl 'Kermit' was very funny though.

After he had eaten his fish and chips and drank his tea, red hot bookies favourite Andrea Faustini totally smashed it again. Barring an absolute melt down Andrea is a cert for the final in December. Cheryl said,"Is there anything you can't sing?" I agree.

Last week Lauren Platt drew a very big line in the sand and put herself well and truly in the reckoning. Can she do it again? Oh 'what a feeling' in the studio. What a voice. Simon said, "hands down the best performance tonight"

Team Midas' Ben Haenow fought off a throat infection to smash it out of the ball park. What a killer voice. For someone who hadn't rehearsed for most of the week and had his song changed, this was blooming amazing. Great job Ben. Louis said, "you've got everything" Mel B "friggened loved it" and Simon said that he was now, "the best performance"

It is a 'shame' Fleur because I really like you, sadly, for me her performance didn't work. Vocally it was good but compared to the last few acts it wasn't up there. Louis said Fleur reminded him of, "a young Mel B". Don't think this impressed Mel much. A small scuffle broke out as Mel said she didn't hear Fleur sing on the chorus and said it was all "backing track." Simon was not happy and said Fleur was "not cheating." Right, calm down everyone.

The biggest boy band ever, aka Stereo Kicks took on 'boys of summer' and it all still looks like work in progress for me and sorry to be a broken record, but there is still too many of them. Cheryl said she feels, "no hysteria" from them. Simon disagreed with me and said he was starting to, "see something" at this moment in time, I'm still on the fence.

North East and Team Midas starlet Lola Saunders gave me goosebumps. What an amazing vocal, the hairs stood up in the back of my neck. Beautiful job. Well done Lola, so bloody proud. Louis said she was, "the dark horse of the competition" Simon said she was still at only, "80%" and Cheryl said she sang like, "an angel"

Jake Quickenden is another act that needs a good performance. Oh dear, the passion was there but vocally it wasn't the best. He can do much, much better. I think he could be in trouble. Mel B said it was, "on point" but the rest of the judges feedback was lukewarm.

When you take on a classic like 'Fame' you have to make it different but still be true to the original, Chloe Jasmine nearly did that. Louis said she was a, "class act". Mel B didn't like anything bar the glitter. Simon said, "you're going to be in trouble tonight" and the legendary, "you don't put a hamster in a kennel."

Paul Akister has the voice but we need to start seeing his personality. Saying that, when you can sing like that, who needs a personality. Cheryl said she, "throughly and throughly enjoyed it" Simon said he feels "slightly uncomfortable" when he sees him perform. A real mixed bag.

We have lost one novelty act but Stevi Richie still remains and I have a feeling after that he is going to around for quite a while, was it vocally good? Of course not, was it entertaining? Hell yeah. Saying that it did remind me of those holidays abroad with the really bad holiday entertainment, you know, when you drink up and walk out as it starts. Cheryl said it was "entertaining" and Simon said, "the public like it"

Last up for Team Midas tonight was the fab four Only The Young. They made it clear they were not happy with the song choice but still smashed it. Their energy bounces out of the screen. Like I said last week, they can all sing and sing brilliantly. Mel B, "you got it so right" and they, "nailed it". Simon said he preferred, "this week to last week"

Last up was Jay James with a really unique version of 'I'm gonna be (500 miles)' it wasn't the best of the night but vocally it was bang on. Mel B said his voice is "killer" but Cheryl thought the arrangement was "odd"

People of the United's over to you.

Right, I'm off through cold water over the judges...see you next week

Don't forget to vote in our POLL - results later today.

Review by Dean Maynard - Midas Talent PR

Images credit: Dymond/Syco/Thames/Corbis


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