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Simon Cowell Wants His Son Eric To Be His TV Successor

Simon Cowell with Terri Seymour

At the first America's Got Talent audition on Thursday, “Extra’s” Terri Seymour chatted with Simon Cowell where he spoke about his son Eric and Donald Trump.

Though his son Eric is only two, Simon is already grooming him to be his TV successor one day. He told Terri, "I'm bringing him down basically to say in a few years' time you hopefully are gonna be doing what Daddy does.”

Simon admitted that Eric cries when he sees him on television, but loves to watch 'Dora the Explorer.' Simon said, "I mean, I hate to be rude about it, but seriously, I can't take that program anymore."

Cowell also shared whether he would follow in Donald Trump’s footsteps and run for president.

Also on the red carpet, Simon spoke about Eric growing up: “For the first six months, I honestly thought, [this] is the most one-sided conversation I’ve ever had in my life, I’m not getting anything back here. Maybe he hates me,”

“And then after about a year and a half, suddenly, you get this connection. And they start talking to you. And you can teach them things. It’s an amazing feeling.”

“We like watching movies together. Jungle Book we’ve seen 1,800 times,” the star, 56, told Us. “We’re on to Shrek now.”

Simon continued: “He likes art. He loves animals. … He’s a happy boy.”

Photos of Eric growing up on Eric's own page

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