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Simon Cowell To Screen The X Factor Three Nights A Week

X Factor is set to clash in the schedule with Strictly Come Dancing again – with ITV running Simon Cowell’s talent show THREE nights a week. During the Boot Camp and Judges House stages of The X Factor later this month, ITV will screen shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A source at ITV explained that the decision was made when their Sunday night schedule was too full to have a long enough X Factor show in primetime. They have a Sunday Night At The Palladium 7-8pm and Downton Abbey on at 9pm. The ITV source added: “The plan to strip Boot Camp and Judges Houses across three nights has been in place for some time and before we saw the Strictly launch night plans. Boot Camp and Judges Houses are always longer shows, and this year we don’t have the space to accommodate a long show on Sundays for these stages, so we have decided instead to strip the shows across three nights.” A final decision on 26 September schedule will be made tomorrow, Wednesday 10 September, after more negotiation between BBC and ITV.


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