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Simon Cowell & Syco Entertainment To Produce 'A Life in the Day' Biopic on Brian Epstein

Simon Cowell - A life in the day biopic on Brian Epstein

Simon Cowell and his company Syco Entertainment are joining forces with IM Global to produce “A Life in the Day,” based on the life of Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

Simon Cowell is coming on-board as a producer via his Syco production company run by Adam Milano. They will partner with Stuart Ford's IM Global.

The script for “A Life in the Day” — a play on the Beatles’ iconic song “A Day in the Life” — has been written by Tony Gittelson.

Deadline Hollywood report this will likely come together pretty quickly now that Cowell is on-board, with Cannes a natural place to launch this officially with a director and cast in tow

The biopic tells the true story of Epstein who, while selling records out of his father’s appliance store in Liverpool, discovered a band he swore he could make, “Bigger then Elvis!”.

That band was, of course, The Beatles. Though he had no prior experience, Epstein convinced the band to make him their manager and sparked a music, and cultural, revolution.

Originally the film was to be called The Fifth Beatle, this title has now been dropped.


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