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Simon Cowell Sets His Sights On The Eurovision Song Contest

As the Britain's Got Talent Final airs tonight, Simon Cowell sets his sight on The Eurovision Song Contest.

After Eurovision was thrashed by BGT in the ratings last week, he clearly knows the magic ingredients that could help secure a UK win.

Simon, says: “One hundred per cent I’d love to take the reins for Eurovision. I have thought about it.

“The idea of taking it on for one year and trying to get someone to represent the UK, someone new – I’d love that."

“I don’t think there’d be too much to lose. I think it’d be great fun.”

“This year they really weren’t good, they didn’t stand a chance. The winner had a proper record, the staging was great.

“It’d be great to get involved. I’d love to do it. The only problem is the timing – I wouldn’t want it to compete with Britain’s Got Talent.”

Is Simon Cowell the only person who could turn our Eurovision entry around - we think so!


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