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Simon Cowell's Son Eric Has A Girlfriend!

Eric Cowell with Terri Seymour's Coco

Simon Cowell's son Eric has a girlfriend according to Simon's ex girlfriend Terri Seymour.

Speaking to on the red carpet, Terri said the Eric, 2, and her 16-month-old are inseparable.

'Coco and Eric are like this,' the star said crossing her fingers, 'They are really good friends we go on lots of playdates."

'Eric calls Coco his girlfriend, so it's scary.'

Luckily it is just puppy love or Simon may have to intervene.

'Simon's already warned me, so we will see what happens there but Eric is adorable, such a cute little boy.'

Terri says Simon's not at all like the scary judge the world sees on X Factor. 'He's a big softy, especially now he has Eric he has definitely got softer.'

Although Simon and Terri split several years ago, they remain best friends.

Terri told the newspaper 'I think because we didn't have a bad break up and we've always been such good friends. We never fell out when we split up, we continued our friendship and he is literally one of my best friends."

'We just get on really well. And Lauren's a good friend and we do things all together.

Terri's partner and Coco's father is model Clark Mellon.



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