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Simon Cowell's company Syco secure a new 5 year deal with ITV.

ITV today announces a new five-year commissioning deal with Syco Entertainment and Thames (part of Fremantle UK).  

The agreement extends ITV’s successful and long standing relationship with Simon Cowell and Thames for a further five years, which will see him and his shows appear exclusively on the channel until at least 2024.

The partnership will ensure Britain’s Got Talent continues on ITV until 2024 and also sees The X Factor return in 2020. 

Simon Cowell says:

“I am thrilled our relationship with ITV is to continue for the foreseeable future. ITV has always been home to Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor – and me! - and this long-term commitment shows the mutual respect in our partnership.

I would, of course, like to thank Carolyn and Kevin for their ongoing support plus all the teams at ITV, Syco and thames for their hard work and dedication.” 

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2 years ago


Just Simon Cowell

2 years ago

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Kelly Brennan

2 years ago

Hello Simon,

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I'd love them, to be out, before Christmas passes this year !

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Kelly Brennan

2 years ago

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Kelly Brennan

2 years ago

Kelly Ann Brennan, & Kelly Brennan, are me, if there's any questions about that. Take care Boss !!!

Kelly Brennan

2 years ago

Good Morning Simon !

Would you like me to type my songs here for you ?
Have a great day !

PS., Please tell your family, I said hello, & Merry Christmas Santa !!!

Kelly Ann Brennan

2 years ago

Hello Simon, how are you & your family doing ?
Has Eric written to Santa yet, with items he wants, for Christmas ?

It seems that Howie has been liking the songs I've typed to him, so far, I can't wait, for them to be recorded. I wish, with all of my soul, that I could demonstrate, to the artists, how they're intended to sound !

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2 years ago

Great news 👍 and business extend your friendship 🙏 to Nigeria.

gloria wolugbom

2 years ago

Good business!

Jennifer Ann lamb

2 years ago

Great news

2 years ago

Great news Simon.
It is always a pleasure to watch you and your team. Good luck to you.
Dot from Australia xx.