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Simon Cowell pledges £1.3 million to help coronavirus-hit charities.

Simon Cowell at Shooting Star Chase Children's Hospice
Simon Cowell at Shooting Star Chase Children's Hospice

Simon Cowell has always been a big supporter of charities. Today Simon announced that he and his company Syco Entertainment will donate £1.3 million to the hardest hit charities.

Without the ability to put on fundraising events and open charity shops many smaller charities are desperate for funds.

"I was devastated to learn one of the many charities impacted is Shooting Star Children’s Hospices"

Writing his own column in The Sun newspaper, Simon pledges £500,000 to Shooting Stars Children's Hospices where he is vice-president, saying "I was devastated to learn one of the many charities impacted is Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, a small charity in the south of England I have been lucky to be involved with since 2002, which is a lifeline to 800 families with babies, children and young people suffering the most devastating life-limiting conditions."

Last week Shooting Star was forced to close one of its two hospice sites, along with the high street charity shops where it normally raises vital funds every week.

Simon goes on to say "I’ve sat with youngsters who know they only have weeks to live and spent time with parents bearing the most unimaginable pain possible, the loss of a child. This charity is an oasis, a lifeline for families facing the ultimate heartbreak. That’s why we must continue to show our love and support for these smaller organisations.

I know that every little helps. I’ve seen how every little can help."

Click here to find more about great work Shooting Star Children's Hospices do and donate if possible during this difficult time

Simon and his team at Syco will also donate $1,000,000 (£800,000) towards the immediate needs of some of the most vulnerable people impacted by this virus, and this will be split between Feeding Britain and Feeding America.

Simon is also calling on people in business and in entertainment to pledge money to help front line workers and small charities during this Coronavirus pandemic.

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Julie Polok

a year ago

Simon. Your such a kind heart. God bless u & your family x

a year ago

Wow thus so Great 😃
May the Almighty God protect en Reward u abundantly ,
Long live Simon C en who ever pledged in this Charity pls thanks 🙏 big!

a year ago

Dear Simon, thank you for your beautiful heart through which you are helping children. I always wanted to meet in person and say what an a mazing person you are. May God bless you!!!

a year ago

Simon you are a beautiful person inside and out. You care a lot for the well being of people and you are honest. That's a character that makes you special. You are one gorgeous well put together man. One day I would love to meet you. Take care xo

Brenda Campbell

a year ago

Simon, your a sweetheart ❤️ To help where all these suck children are. I know you have a son Eric, and he’s a child too. I am not in the state where you live I am in Tennessee but thank you for helping them. God Bless You!

Dee William's, N.Y., USA

a year ago

Simon, my God bless you and all involved in the support of all charities.. You have always been a person of my admiration and respect.. Keep up the great work that you do and may God grant you peace , wellness and happiness through this world wide crisis..
You are a blessing to mankind..
Much love and respect, Friends always, Dee W.

Jennifer Ann lamb

a year ago

Simon has a heart of gold good for him

Evelyn Samuel

a year ago

Thats why I LOVE you so so much Mr Simon Cowell. I love your kind, good heart.
God bless you.