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Simon Cowell out of hospital and back home with Lauren and Eric

One week ago Simon Cowell broke his back falling from his electric bike. Now he is recovering quicker than the doctor expected and is now back home with his family.

This is the first time he has seen Eric since the accident due to strict COVID regulations at the hospital.

Simon Cowell with Eric at his Malibu home
Simon Cowell with Eric at his Malibu home

A friend told People "Simon is very happy to be back home with his family in the fresh sea air" of Malibu, California.

Eric is taking charge of his recovery by putting together a list of movies to watch together. "Muppets Most Wanted'. was top of the list which they both love,

Simon has ditched his veggie diet for now and is enjoying Lauren's homemade Turkey cottage pie, Italian bean soup and some chocolate.

Simon Cowell's partner Lauren Silverman has asked him to stop the dangerous activities

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Beckie Meisenheimer

a year ago




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Liz ~ Australia, Queensland ~

a year ago

Laugh Often, Live Well, Love Much ~

Liz Clarke , Queensland Australia

a year ago

My Thoughts and Prayers are With You Simon For A Healthy Recovery Please Take it Slow and Easy it's So Very Heart Warming Seeing the Wonderful Relationship That You and Eric Share May God Bless You All ~


a year ago

Get well soon , Simon

Gwen Perry

a year ago

Glad to know that you are improving, Simon. GOD bless.

Karen leech

a year ago

Electric bikes are not dangerous if you know what you're doing.


a year ago

Simon, you must have seen enough gutsy performer’s in your shows. I am sure they have been practicing for years to be a stunt man. I don’t believed you should try to ride your bike like a stunt man, see what happen to you ??? No, you are doing alright, maybe a little careless???

Sheila Cotterell

a year ago

Glad your home take it easy stay safe Simon

a year ago

Simon please listen you are lucky 2 walk tjank God...please Simon luv u


a year ago

So sorry to hear about your back wishing you a speedy recovery.

Debbie Oliver

a year ago

Take this time to recover fully and don't be hasty .... all the best Simon...big hugs to you xxx