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Simon Cowell makes it all about 'me' in the BGT opening sequence


As Britain’s Got Talent returns to our screens this week presenters Ant & Dec take to the steps of London's Trafalgar Square to make their campaign speech calling out to the nation for more entertainment and talent.

The never before seen clip will open the brand new 11th series of the show this Saturday and sees Ant & Dec, introduced by the sound of trumpets and dressed in suits, step up to address the crowds.

With a whole host of entertainers supporting their campaign - from cheerleaders and circus performers to a brass band and Bollywood dancers - Ant begins the speech, “People of Britain, here is our campaign promise. In these turbulent times we promise to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step…”

As the sequence cuts to the boys speaking to people of all ages at schools, supermarkets & on television at local pubs, Dec adds, “In 2017 this glorious nation needs entertainment and for that we require your matter who you are or where you’re from, there is one thing that we all love…” Before Simon Cowell interrupts, “!” To the cheer of the crowd, Ant clarifies, “No, no, no, the one thing we all love is talent!”

The sequence breaks into the Blues Brothers’ ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’ and we see the Queen watching the boys on her TV box, as Dec confirms, “Throughout this campaign, we shall ask that one important question - has Britain’s got talent?” As the song reaches its climax, Ant & Dec high five and the crowd screams, "Yes we have!”

Britain's Got Talent returns Saturday 15th April at 8pm on ITV


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