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Simon Cowell leaves his house for first time after his accident

Simon Cowell with Lauren Silverman leaving his London house

Simon Cowell was spotted leaving his house for the first time yesterday after his horrific fall down the stairs at his home.

Leaving with Lauren, they headed for the X Factor studios to watch and guide his groups through their rehearsals before the live shows this weekend.


Simon is also said to be taking up a more healthy lifestyle. Simon has said 'I've been told to exercise more, Cycling’s quite boring so I decided to buy an electric bike and they’re literally addictive .

"So I've bought three in America, and four in England, and now cycle to work every day.

'You do still have to pedal them - my legs have definitely got stronger - but they’re just a bit easier."

A source told The Sun newspaper: He bought two 28mph battery-powered bikes worth more than £2,000 each for his London home and another for his Los Angeles pad..

They added: “The bikes might be electric but it still has more benefits than getting driven to his desk. It’s a start.”

Good to see Simon back out and about. Hopefully we will see him back on the show this weekend.


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