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Simon Cowell, Lauren and Eric take a stroll in London

Simon Cowell wraps up warm for a walk in London with his partner Lauren Silverman and Eric.

At this time of year Simon is usually judging on the Britain's Got Talent auditions at the London Palladium, unfortunately the show is cancelled for this year due to safety concerns during the pandemic.

With freezing snowy weather in London, the puffer jackets came out to keep the family warm.

Eric has suddenly shot up in height.

As we reported yesterday - Simon has planning permission for some huge renovations to his new London home.

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Sharon Bowskill

a year ago

Glad to see you all together looking toasty & warm so glad your all protecting yourselves too by wearing your masks. Be safe

Carole Caines

a year ago

You all look very happy Simon. Yes Eric is getting big that's what children do do they grow up. When is the next baby coming. I was looking forward to the program. I watch all the program. Well Simon keep safe if he well well and that goes for your family too. Hope it will not be too long before you're back on the TV. I miss it it cheers me up as I live on my own.

a year ago

I love hearing about you Simon. I love seeing all your beautiful homes.
I also live in a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills. My beloved Hollywood.
What used to be a beautiful place is now wall to wall homeless people. Garbage
all over the place. Maybe the next time you decide to buy another house you
can see the homeless also has a place to live. It's an area no one wants to address.
No president or politician wants to touch it. Meanwhile, stay safe and bring back AGT soon.
It's kept me happy for many years now.

Dr. Fe Desposito

a year ago

LIttle Eric is not so little anymore! I am sure he's going to grow up a sensible and God fearing young fellow!