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Simon Cowell Feared For His Son When Burglar Raided His Home

Simon Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell feared for his son when a serial burglar scaled walls to break into his mansion and steal almost £1 million worth of jewellery, a court heard on the second day of the trial.

Darren February is accused of targeting the house and taking jewellery from an open safe as the music mogul and his family slept.

The court was told he was spotted leaving by a private security guard who was patrolling the area overnight.

At the time of the break-in at around 1.30am on December 4 2015, Cowell was asleep in the house in Holland Park..

Simon Cowell's London Home

Simon Cowell's London Home

Simon Cowell's private security guard was in the toilet when a burglar broke into the producer's home in the early hours to steal £1million in gems, a court heard.

Simon Cowell was asleep upstairs with partner Lauren Silverman and their young son Eric when an intruder raided his £35million luxury home in Holland Park, west London.

Darren February, 32, allegedly broke in through a patio door, grabbed jewellery and two passports belonging to Simon from an open safe before making off while private guard Simon Williams was in the lavatory.

Cowell believed the burglary 'was an inside job', the court heard.

Residential security guard M'Batonha Mendes, who covered the area around Cowell's home said he chased the burglar, who dropped a brown satchel full of jewellery.

In a statement read out in court by the prosecution, Mr Cowell said: “The following persons were in the house. Lauren Silverman and myself were in the master bedroom.

“My son and his nanny were in their bedroom on the second floor and a security guard Simon Williams was in his office on the ground floor.

Simon Cowell with his son Eric

“Myself and Lauren went to bed at about 12:30 on the morning of the burglary. I believe my son and his nanny were already asleep.

“I next remember being woken up by Simon (Williams the security guard) who said there had been an incident in the property, that we had been robbed and we should probably stay in the room.

“Lauren and myself then asked about my son and we were concerned about making sure he was alright.

“After checking on my son, a police officer came in and said our safe had been opened and items were taken. I watched the CCTV and I noticed two laptops and bags on the balcony table.

PC Tze Yang Chua, who was first to arrive at Mr Cowell's house, told jurors Mr Williams had been 'reluctant' to let them in, but did after 15 minutes or so.

He said: 'He seemed to be like, we'll deal with the matter in house.'

Mr Williams had earlier said it was 'protocol' that 'the home owner doesn't want police on site'.

PC Yang Chua also explained that Mr Williams told him Ms Silverman and Mr Cowell had an argument overnight, and they had left the laptops outside.

February, who previously committed 37 burglaries, mainly in the same upmarket area, was due to appear in the dock for today's proceedings, but instead chose not to attend.

The case is expected to last a week

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