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Simon Cowell Donates To The Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal.


Simon Cowell has said he would be “humbled” to meet tragic Aylan Kurdi’s heartbroken father Abdullah.

Simon has, donated £10,000 to the Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal after being moved by media reports of the mass flight from terror and Aylan’s resulting death.

He is hoping to meet with Abdullah Kurdi at the Pride of Britain Awards later this month.

Simon told the Sunday Mirror: “It would be truly humbling to meet Abdullah and learn more of his family’s terrible plight.”

A source close to Simon added: “Simon has been moved by the images of Abdullah’s family and the situation in general, particularly as a father.

Simon said “When you see the dad’s reaction and you think it could’ve been mine, it breaks your heart. If kids are being put in this position, you have to help.”


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