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Simon Cowell Brings Baby Eric To The London Auditions of Britain's Got Talent

We joined Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon at the Dominion Theatre in London for the first day of Britain's Got Talent auditions.

Simon chatted to us in the media line on the red carpet where he said was very happy with his Golden Buzzer choice this year, going on to say he is not a fan of Valentine's Day. “I hate Valentine’s. It is the day of the year when you are supposed to be romantic'. "It is not something like Christmas Day where you look forward to it.”

Simon also commented on acts he is disliking this year "I’m SO bored of everyone thinking they can be the next Ed Sheeran, we’re just not going to find him on the show. We’re almost a guitar free zone.”

“It’s just these people who ever only play in their bedrooms and they think they’ve found this great version of a song they think no one else has heard of and everyone’s doing it, it’s so annoying.”

Stephen Mulhern spilled David has a new way of keeping Simon quiet when he winds him up during the auditions. David keeps his National Television Award Best Judge trophy under the desk and whips it out to remind Simon who the nation thought was the best judge.

Simon wasn't happy about this, saying “I feel a bit like Al Gore when he lost out to Bush, you know, there may have to be a recount. I thought I had stolen it [the trophy] on the night, then it turned up again.”

During the auditions Simon surprised us all by bringing Eric into the theatre, then sitting him on his judges chair. Eric dressed in blue jeans and white top appeared to enjoy himself, not wanting to let go of daddy when it was time for him to go.

Eric will be in New York with Lauren for his birthday on Saturday so Simon will be celebrating his first birthday on Friday with him.

We are unable to say much about the auditions we watched, but look out for a fluffy white dog who received a standing ovation from the audience and all four judges.

View more photos and a video from the London audtions on our BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT PHOTOS page.


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