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Simon Cowell And The AGT Judges Look On In Horror As A Live Act Goes Horribly Wrong

Simon Cowell and the AGT judges

Simon Cowell and the America's Got Talent judges looked on in horror as contestant is lucky to be alive after his death-defying daredevil act went horrifically wrong on live TV.

Ryan Stock had stood on stage with a large bullseye in his mouth - a lengthy pole section down his throat - as fiancée Amber Lynn Walker stood on a ladder with a high-powered bow.

She then lit an arrow and fired - but missed the target, hitting Ryan close to his throat and captured on live TV on the talent show’s quarter finals.

With the upbeat music already silenced for dramatic tension, Ryan let out a chilling loud gag, and brushed repeatedly at the hit area, seemingly fearing he was on fire.

The cameras quickly cut away fearing a tragedy, instead showing the judges all looking on in frozen horror, Heidi Klum with her hand over her face and Howie Mandel’s hands in a prayer shape.

After a terrifying silence, Ryan could finally be heard saying ‘we’re good’ - although when he was next seen he was bent over in pain and clear shaking in shock.

Simon interrupted the judging to tell Ryan to go straight to hospital.


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