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Photos of Simon Cowell and the Britain's Got Talent Judges From the Press Launch

We spoke to the judges and the lovely Stephen Mulhern at the press launch in London.

Shephen told us he has a new puppy called Piddly and Simon Cowell wouldn't believe he had called his put that. Slightly conflicting we felt given the names of his own two dogs!

Simon said one of his favourite acts are on the first show and it's a dog! We asked Simon if he liked his animation, he said he thought he looked very handsome, we pointed out he hasn't worn a black T Shirt for years, to which he said he looked so good he might start wearing it again.

For all the photos from the event take a look at our BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT PROMO page.

The first show is one of the best we have seen, it has the weird, the bonkers and the very talented. Look out for the little white dog!

Britain's Got Talent returns to our screens Saturday 11th April ITV 8pm


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