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Nicole Scherzinger Agrees To Sign For Another Year on X Factor

Simon Cowell with Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is set to sign for another year on The X Factor after talks with Simon Cowell over the weekend.

Rumours had been circulating that either Mariah Carey or Mel B would take her place due to Nicole's commitments this year.

Simon and the X Factor bosses wanted Nicole back after earning her place helping create X Factor’s best ever act in One Direction and mentoring James Arthur, they felt Nicole has done more than enough to earn cult status on the show.

Simon Cowell with Nicole Scherzinger

Mariah’s reps did approach The X Factor about a place on the show, but their move only accelerated Nicole’s determination to sign.

A source told The Sun: “Nicole is so highly thought off by X Factor that there was always the intention to tie her down for another year. Once she heard other names being mentioned, she was keen to get her deal locked down and it’s now there to sign.

Louis Walsh is definitely back after signing a two year contract last year, Sharon Osbourne has yet to confirm her position. If Sharon decides not to return, that would leave a seat on the panel which either Mariah or Mel B could fill.


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