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Mel B Gets Fierce and Simon Begins His Countdown For The Final Six Overs.

Friday night saw Cheryl picking her six girls for judges houses, to say it was like a rollercoaster is an understatement. In fact I think a rollercoaster is less stressful. Thankfully though, Lola Saunders made judges houses, along with Lauren, Stephanie, Emily, Kerrianne and Chloe Jasmine.

Ready for round two...I am. Now ring the bell and let's get cracking.

Tonight, Mel B picks her six boys, followed by my Simon and the overs. Can van driver Ben Haenow smash it again? Time will tell.

First up for Mel B was Joe Slater (and his piano) and within seconds Mel was telling Cheryl it was "boring". It was quick and it was brutal. "My top six, there's no room for mistakes" says Mel, and with that It's home time for Joe. Next. It didn't get much better for Bre Musiq and Ben Quinlan. Mel B means business and both were sent home without a single compliment. In fact she told Ben to, "Get off" twice.

Three down and all the chairs are empty. If this keeps up I might end up getting one.

Next up was a real contender in the shape of Jake Quickenden. This guy is fantastic, great to watch and the girls love him. He is the complete package. Cheryl called it an, "Honest" performance and Simon said if it was his choice, "he would get a seat". Jake go and sit in that well deserved seat.

It wasn't perfect but Jordan Morris took the next seat. Danny Dearden followed and he quickly joined Jake and Jordan. Team Midas' Geoff Mull was willing to fight for his seat but there was no need. Geoff, go and sit down my man. Get in.

US air forceman Charlie Martinez didn't sound that great if I'm being honest, but Mel saw enough to give him a chair. Now just one seat remains. Here we go again...

Snoopy's friend, (not really Ed) Charlie Brown is likeable and usually much better than this. Simon was very harsh and compared him to a busker, but he also said if he passed him, he wouldn't "give him any money" he got a seat but Louis said he would be "unreliable"

Jack Walton is a real contender, another boy in this group with the all round package. I really like him. This lad is a dark horse. He got a seat after swapping with Charlie Martinez. Three singers remain but no seats. The pressure is on.

Another act willing to fight for a chair was Hayden Leeman. Good energy but vocally it wasn't on the money. A "confused" Mel gave him a seat, after swapping him with Charlie Brown. This is brutal.

Pug loving Italian Andrea Faustini is one of the best singers left in the competition. He is a step above most of the other acts and tonight he showed why. Assolutamente brillante. Di classe mondiale. 10/10. After Mel and Cheryl stopped crying, another seat swap took place with Andrea swapping with Hayden.

The last boy to perform is Paul Akister. There was never any doubt that he would smash it. He has come back this year, better, hungrier and more determined. Now who will lose their seat, right at the death?

Not Geoff, no, not Geoff, not Geoff. Pants. It's Geoff. Devastating. Geoff you have done Team Midas proud on our X Factor journey. Good luck mate.

That's it. Mel B's final six are: Jake, Paul, Andrea, Jack, Jordan and Danny. Next up it's Simon with his overs.

I'd never seen Kisela Berice before but she was quite good, in fact good enough to take Simon's first seat.

I love Scarlett Quinn, she stands out from the crowd, so I was gutted when she forgot her words. I was even shouting them at the TV. Devastating to watch. Simon had no choice but to send her home. "Based on that audition, it's almost impossible to justify, putting you through" Scarlett give me a call. I know you have 'something'.

Next up is Team Midas' Ben Haenow with his version of Hotel California. Not being at all biased here but that was one of the best auditions in X Factor history. Ever. It was a faultless vocal from a likeable down to earth bloke. As Cheryl said Ben, "you have it" and Simon (thankfully) concluded "This is very simple, Ben, walk to the chair"

The thunder clouds are gathering. It's time for Cheryl's favourite singer Raign to sing for a seat. I will give anyone a second chance but vocally it wasn't good. Simon said she was "Marmite" and I was very surprised when he gave Raign a chair. Very surprised.

Look, office joker Stevi Richie is never going to win this, (well he better blooming not) but he always gives it 100% and he is fun and entertaining to watch. I may regret saying this but please give him a seat Simon.

Janet Grogan and Lizzy Pattinson's auditions were short and sweet but both did enough to take the last two chairs.

Ex soldier Jay James started off slowly but once his powerful voice started to get going, he smashed it out of the ball park. He is another serious contender. Whose seat will he take...find out tomorrow night.

Right, I'm off to sort out Cheryl's allergy to Raign...see you tomorrow.

Our review by Dean Maynard - Midas Talant

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