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LA To The South of France As Simon Cowell and Cheryl Chose Their Final Three

Phew, this travelling around the world for judges houses about has really taken it out of me....can we do this every week?

Saturday night we were left waiting at Simon's LA home, (no, not a bad thing) just as his decision on his chosen three was about to be announced. Back home now, with no time to settle, here we go. The three acts Simon is taking to the live shows are Jay James, Fleur East and thankfully Team Midas' Ben Haenow. Well done all.

Right, bags packed, we are off to the airport. Next stop Cheryl's home in Nice. I may suggest Newcastle upon Tyne one year. They even have a beach in the summer. What do you think Cheryl? Maybe a bit chilly...... Cheryl's helper this year is legend Tinie Tempah and first up to perform was Essex starlet Lauren Platt. If she performs to her best, it's one place gone. Simple as that. Well, that's it, it was beautiful, she has 'it'. Brilliant stuff 10/10.

Kerrianne Covell did all she could but for the first time in the competition her nerves stopped her hitting the huge potential she certainly has. I fear for her after that performance.

In this competition, yes, you need a good voice but you also need a personality. Chloe Jasmine has both in abundance. She nailed it completely last night. I think she will be marmite but if she gets through she has a real chance of making the top 6, if not higher.

Ex Luminites singer Stephanie Nala hasn't had much airtime but tonight she shone. It wasn't perfect and she was very nervous but Stephanie is a little pop star. With the right songs, she could be very big. Youngster Emily Middlemass has huge potential but like the group The Brooks, I think she still is too young, in a year or two Emily will be a serious contender. Team Midas' Lola Saunders has an amazing voice but emotion takes hold and stops her from being the star she can and should be. Saying that once she started singing it was blooming brilliant. Lola I think you are amazing whatever happens tonight.

After a bit of deliberation the three acts Cheryl is taking to the live shows are Stephanie Nala, Lauren Platt and Chloe Jasmine. No Lola, oh Pants. So Team Midas take Only The Young and Ben Haenow in to the live shows. So, so disappointed for Lola, as I know, given the chance she would do very well. Right, I'm off to unpack my bags...see you at the lives.

Review by Dean Maynard - Midas Talent Pr


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