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Britain's Got Talent Monday Night Semi-Final - Harry Potter, Balloon Popping Dog and an Awesome

40,000 entered and now just 45 remain. From that 45 is the winner of Britain's Got Talent 2015. Tonight the search begins for that winner. People of Great Britain, fasten your seat belts, it's time for the first live semi-final. Let us welcome to raptuous applause, Alesha, Amanda, David and the boss, Mr Simon Cowell. And more applause please for the award winning Ant and Dec who introduced us to our first semi-finalist.

Entity Allstars: The Harry Potter theme choreography was a master stroke, absolutely brilliant. It was executed to perfection. I couldn't take my eyes off it and I didn't want it to end. Fantastic start. Simon said "That was a fantastic, fantastic, creative routine."

Billy and Emily England: If danger is your middle name, then you would have loved this. It's so breathtaking and I was watching with one eye away from the screen. but, I agreed with Simon. Their audition was better. Simon said "It was great. I didn't think it was as good as your first audition if I'm honest."

Mitch and Cally The Wonderdog: The duo, (well Cally) were attempting to break the world record for bursting 100 balloons in just under 45 seconds and, unbelievable, they did it, they broke the world record in just under 42 seconds. Get in. Well done. I'm shattered just watching it. Simon said "I am so proud of what she did. She's a world champion. she did amazing, she's adorable."

Henry Gallagher: I loved Henry's first audition and tonight he gave us another stella performance. Henry definetely has the talent and he is very likeable. Awesome stuff mate. Simon said "You've got huge likeability. You did good. Congratulations."

Cor Glanaethwy: Holy moly, goosebumps alert. Wow, I genuinely had tears in my eyes. Simply beautiful and it was so emotional. World class does not even cover it. I can't compliment them all enough. I want their album. NOW. 10/10. Simon said "I've never heard that song heard sang like that before. It was unique, it was powerful, it was emotional. Wales right now will be bursting with pride after that."

Ruby Red Performers: Look I am not going to lie, I thought this very entertaining. I really should dislike this but I didn't. They are not going to win but they enjoyed themselves and so did I. Fantastic. Simon said "It was great. Don't try this at home, actually no, do try this at home."

Andrew Fleming: I liked his first audition but this really didn't work. Like Alesha, I didn't laugh once. I don't want to be horrible to Andrew,as I know he can do better than this, so it's best I leave it there. Simon said "I really liked you the first time I saw you. I don't think we as a show did you any favours tonight. The whole presentation was wrong, so it was confusing, a bit tacky. I don't blame you, I blame us."

Becky O'Brien: Vocal perfection from the Essex wonder. There is no doubting Becky can sing and tonight she showed everyone how good she really is. Awesome Becky. Simon said "I think you've got a really good voice but I didn't love the song. It didn't get to me for some reason. I think you could've done better."

Lorraine Bowen. David's Golden Buzzer closed the show and well, um, I think someone has slipped something in my ice water, because I'm seeing aliens and dancing BBQ's. If I had a buzzer, I would have joined Simon in pressing it. Simon said "I buzzed because it was total rubbish. Even the aliens were rubbish."

Right, now it’s over to you. Next is the result after a brilliant performance from Ricky Martin. The winner of the public vote was Cor Glanaethwy. The two facing the judges vote are Henry Gallagher and Entity Allstars, with Entity winning 3-1. Cor Glanaethwy and Entity Allstars are in Sunday's Final.

Our review kindly written for us by Dean Maynard


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