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Big X Factor News: A Contestant Has Quit Before Judges' Houses

One of the audience favourite X Factor Contestants has quit the show before he gets to the judges' House.

After making it through the 6 Chair Challenge, Tom Bleasby has decided to withdraw from The X Factor.

Despite claiming a place in Nick Grimshaw’s final six, the 19-year old will no longer be taking part in Grimmy’s Judges’ Houses.

In a statement, The X Factor said: “We can confirm that Tom Bleasby has chosen to withdraw from the competition due to personal reasons."

Tom Bleasby added: “Due to personal reasons I have decided to withdraw from The X Factor. Thank you to all the Judges, especially Nick for his belief in me.

“I want to wish all the contestants the best of luck and thank you to the public for supporting me and my dream.”

Details on what will now happen with Nick’s category and his Judges’ Houses will be confirmed in the coming days.

Tom Bleasby issued the following statement:

It was a tough decision; I think I really discovered it at the 6 Chair Challenge. I just don’t know if I felt vocally ready to take on the competition and the pressure. I’m quite a relatively new singer, back in March, I was singing in my bedroom, so I’ve never took to live performing very well. I’m still discovering myself and in the competition, there are some amazing singers and I feel like I need more time to get better myself, as I don’t feel like I’m strong enough.

Moving forward, without being 100% would have been selfish on my part because I would have stopped someone else who was at 100% vocally from going further in the competition. Hopefully given time, I could get there with more time to grow artistically and vocally.

I want to thank everybody who did support me, the entire audience at the 6 Chair Challenge, all the people all over Britain who were watching the 6 Chair Challenge at home and sending me kind messages of support. I want to thank them and I want them to know it’s not the end. Fingers crossed, I’ve got to work on myself and find where I really want to go and and get stronger and stronger and I hope they will follow me.

SOURCE: The Mirror


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