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Big Band Week on X Factor - Did The Contestants Find Their Inner Sinatra?

This week, the remaining eight acts will be pushed to their vocal limit. It's just them and a thirty piece big band. They need to show amazing stage presence. It's time to separate the weak from the strong. No pressure then.

Last weekend, in a shock exit, Paul Akister left the competition and nine became eight.

Dermot has danced his grand entrance, the judges are in place, it's time to get the trombones out...

Britain's favourite, Italian Andrea, kicked us off and their is no doubting his vocal ability, in fact it's world class BUT many people have said to me that they are getting put off by his face pulling. Cheryl said, "you brought that to life" Simon said, "you are pulling these terrible faces." hold on.

Lauren Platt is another singer who is amazing, a little pop star but for the first time in the whole series, I started to get bored. It reminded me of Diana Vickers' performances in 2008 who, for the record did it better. Louis said, "you are a born recording artist" Simon said, "it was a bit boring." look, do you have my script Simon?

Bottom two survivor Jay James, is in need of a big week and took on a classic, (New York New York). As I said at the start of this review, big band week finds people out. I didn't like it. Mel B said, "vocally that wasn't on point." Cheryl said, "you sang with an American accent."

Stereo Kicks are an enigma, one week good, the next not so and I still couldn't tell you what half their names are. That is not a good sign at this stage. Saying that, I do like them and vocally tonight, they were bang on. Mel B, "I still feel like I don't know you." Louis said, "their performance was amazing."

Team Midas entered the stage with the amazing Ben Haenow. Look, every week Ben takes on the theme and every week he nails it. That is called the X Factor, some would even call it world class. Mel B said, "it was a good performance and a good delivery." Simon said, "It was honest, it was cool, it made you show you are a versatile artist."

The fab four aka Team Midas' Only The Young are fast becoming the dark horse. They delivered another watchable, fun and entertaining performance. Vocally bang on again and as for the dancing. Wow. One of the acts of the night. The show would be very boring without them. Mel B said, "my kids harp on and on about you, you make me smile." Simon said, "you are fun, you are unique, you know your market."

Stevi Richie was next. Well, the once fun factor has now become the annoying factor. Vocally poor and I couldn't wait for it to finish. Next. Louis said, "for some reason the public are voting for you." Mel B, "I just don't get it." Join the club.

I love Fleur East, she has everything. The complete whole package. Fleur looks and sounds great and she now has a real chance of reaching the Final. Another act who would be huge miss if they were to leave the show. Cheryl said, "you are an all rounder." Simon said, "you could win this competition."

In a few short hours another act leaves the show...people of the UK it's over to you.

Right, I'm off to play with my trumpet...see you next week.

Review by Dean Manyard - Midas Talent PR


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